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No matter where you are at in life or in your journey with God, you are welcome here.
Join us every Saturday morning!

Bible study for adults and children of all ages at 10 am

Worship service starts at 11:07 am

Children's Church 2020 (Mar. 7, Apr. 18)

Journey Adventist Church address
1185 Westside Highway

Kelso, WA 98626

Mailing address
77 Solomon Road

Kelso, WA 98626

Phone : (360) 423-7344

Our Culture

We are striving to develop the following cultural dynamics:


1. Passion for God

2. Acceptance of all people

3. Care for each other

4. Passion for Scripture

5. Consistency in worship

6. Generational diversity

7. Vibrant Adventism

8. Cultural relevance

9. Empowerment for ministry

10. Unity in mission, while respecting differences

Experience a better education through friendship, family & faith.


Journey Christian School is a K-8 school committed to providing a quality education to kids. We strive to reveal Jesus in all we do and to make serving God and man appealing to our kids. 

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